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Agri 2022

Md Munir Hayet Khan

Md Munir Hayet Khan, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences 2022
INTI International University, Malaysia
Title : Applications of hybrid artificial Intelligence models in hydrology


The last couple of decades have seen remarkable progress in the ability to develop accurate hydrologic models. Among various conceptual and black box models developed over this period, hybrid Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based models have been amongst the most promising in simulating hydrologic processes. Accurate and reliable agricultural, water resources planning and management to ensure sustainable use of watershed resources cannot be achieved without precise and reliable models. Notwithstanding the highly stochastic nature of hydrological processes, the development of models capable of describing such complex phenomena is a growing area of research. The present talk focuses on defining hybrid modeling, the advantages of such combined models, as well as the history and potential future of their application in hydrology to predict important processes of the hydrologic cycle. Over the years, the use of AI models in hydrology has steadily increased and attracted interest given the robustness and accuracy of the approach. This is attributable to the usefulness of AI combined with wavelet transforms in many cases with multi-resolution analysis, de-noising, and edge effect detection over a signal, as well as the strong capability of AI methods in optimization and prediction of processes. Providing insight into the modeling of complex phenomena through a thorough overview of the literature, current research, and expanding research horizons can enhance the potential for accurate and well designed models. Several ideas for future areas of research are also presented in this talk.


Dr. Khan has been involved as full-time faculty member in the universities within Malaysia for more than thirteen years , and consultancy experiences of ten years in the area of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). He has published numerous research papers in reputable international journals and presented his research works in International conferences. Prior to become an academician, he has gained industry experiences by serving in different sectors. His novel PhD research work for forecasting drought using developed artificial intelligence (AI) W-2A model gained numerous citations and published in top ranked internationally recognized journals in area of Hydrology and Water resources engineering. He is involved and registered with various professional/government/International bodies such as ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers, UK), BEM (Board of Engineers, Malaysia), MBOT (Malaysia Board of Technologists), IEB, DOE (Department of Environment, Malaysia), SEEM, CPESC, MSO, ENSEARCH and International Association for Hydro-environment Engineering & Research (IAHR). Dr. Khan will be more than happy for a senior and more challenging role to utilize his multiple experiences of over twenty years

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