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Agri 2024

Nadia Haider

Nadia Haider, Speaker at Agri Conferences
Nadia Haider
Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic


Nadia Haider received her Ph.D. from Reading University, United Kingdom. She was invited by many refereed scientific journals to review manuscripts. She has been doing research for studying genetic diversity and identification of wheat, date palm, pear, orchids, legumes, iris, and Brassicas. She also worked on detection of food adulteration using DNA markers. In 2015, she was a co-author on a Nature Communications paper. So far, she wrote 40 research papers, two research paper chapters, 9 review chapters, and 7 review articles and registered five patents in Syria. In 2022, she was awarded  the “2022 TWAS-Fayzah M. Al-Kharafi Award”.