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Agri 2024

Marwa el kahlaoui

 Marwa el kahlaoui, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
Title : Smart livestock building: Revolutionizing farming with technology in Morocco


This paper explores the integration of smart farming technology into livestock management practices within the context of smart livestock facilities and precision farming. The aim is to modernize traditional livestock farming methods, enhancing animal welfare, sustainability, and operational efficiency. Employing a multidisciplinary approach involving literature analysis, stakeholder interviews, and on-site observations, the study investigates current trends, challenges, and best practices in livestock management and smart farming technology. Evaluation of smart farming technology implementation within smart livestock buildings focuses on indicators such as productivity, resource efficiency, and animal well-being. Results demonstrate tangible benefits including increased production, optimized resource utilization, and enhanced animal welfare measures. Additionally, intangible outputs such as data collection for research purposes and fostering cooperative collaborations are highlighted. This research contributes to addressing the urgent need for modernization in livestock farming to meet global food demands while minimizing environmental impact. 

  Audience Takeaways: 

Attendees help the audience to integrate our innovative solutions into their own livestock management practices within smart building frameworks, thereby improving efficiency, sustainability, and animal welfare. This presentation serves as a start for further research and education in agricultural technology and sustainability, with the overarching goal of driving innovation and progress in agriculture within the framework of smart buildings. I will also help the audience know more about the state of agriculture in another country that is Morocco, that is usually viewed as a country using traditional ways of agriculture and livestock management. 


Mrs. Marwa El Kahlaoui is a senior student at School of Science and Engineering, Al akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco, pursuing a dual degree in Engineering and Management Science with a focus on logistics and supply chain management

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