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Agri 2024

Lu Yang

Lu Yang, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
Technical university of Madrid , Spain
Title : Understanding plant responses to nitrogen availability


Nitrate serves as both an essential macronutrient and a signaling molecule, intricately regulating the expression of multiple genes pivotal for plant growth distribution and crop productivity. Soil nitrate availability exhibits significant spatial and temporal heterogeneity, prompting root plants to evolve a "foraging" mechanism for nitrogen (N) under low-N conditions. This strategy involves the elongation of primary and lateral roots to explore the surrounding soil for nutrient-rich zones, a process driven by local signaling. Moreover, when internal nutrient availability is constrained, systemic signaling mechanisms further amplify this adaptive response. Plants demonstrate remarkable sensitivity to changes in their nutritional status, fine-tuning root growth and development accordingly. This adaptive behavior hinges upon the dual regulation of both local and long-distance (systemic) N signaling pathways.

Over recent years, our research has delved into genetic and molecular analyses of Arabidopsis and tomato plants subjected to various N starvation conditions. These investigations have led to the identification of a cohort of transcriptional regulators implicated in root N responses. Leveraging these findings, our objective is to unravel the intricate regulatory networks governing N systemic signaling and root-mediated N foraging in plants.

Audience Take Away:

  • Understanding the dual regulatory mechanisms involved in nitrate signaling in plants, encompassing both local and systemic pathways.
  • Insights into the adaptive strategies employed by plants to cope with spatial and temporal heterogeneity in soil nitrate availability, particularly through root-mediated foraging for nitrogen.
  • Identification of key transcriptional regulators governing root nitrogen responses, shedding light on the molecular pathways involved in plant adaptation to nitrogen-deficient environments.
  • Implications for crop productivity and agricultural practices, with potential applications for enhancing nutrient uptake efficiency and optimizing fertilizer management strategies.
  • Opportunities for further research and development of targeted interventions aimed at improving nitrogen utilization and sustainability in agriculture.


Dr. Lu Yang studied plant biotechnology at the Technical university of Madrid graduated as PhD in 2023, her work is mainly related to the undertaning the systemic and local signaling of plants. She has published 4 research articles in SCI.

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