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Nana Amoako Acheampong

Nana Amoako Acheampong, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
Self Help International, Ghana
Title : Cultivating healthier futures: The impact of orange-fleshed sweet potatoes in Ghana


Background: In 2016, World Food Prize Laureates Maria Andrade, Robert Mwanga, and Jan Low developed a resilient Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato variety rich in beta carotene, aimed at addressing vitamin A deficiency in sub-Saharan Africa. Recognizing the nutritional benefits, Self-Help Ghana embraced this innovation to improve the health of vulnerable populations.

Methods: Self-Help Ghana implemented the Growing Healthy Food Growing Healthy Children (GHFGHC) Maternal and Child Nutrition Program, distributing improved Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato vines to local farmers. The program aimed to encourage cultivation and consumption of this nutritious crop.

Results: A determined farmer from Beposo, Ashanti Region, faced challenges in irrigating her newly planted vines during the dry season but persevered. Trained under GHFGHC, she recognized the importance of nutrition, ensuring her family could enjoy the nutrient-dense Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes.

Conclusions: Despite challenges, Self-Help Ghana successfully addressed issues such as millipede infestations by introducing innovative soilless mediums and promoting sack planting. The project highlights the positive impact of community-focused interventions, bridging agriculture, nutrition, and health to combat vitamin A deficiency through the cultivation and consumption of Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes.

Audience Takeaways:

  1. Practical Insights for Cultivation: Learn effective techniques for cultivating Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes, especially in challenging conditions like dry seasons, enhancing agricultural practices.
  2. Nutritional Impact Awareness: Understand the nutritional benefits of Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes and how promoting their cultivation can address vitamin A deficiency in vulnerable populations, offering a practical solution for improving community health.
  3. Innovative Pest Management: Explore innovative approaches to pest management, such as soilless mediums and alternative planting methods, providing actionable strategies to mitigate challenges faced by farmers and improve crop yield.
  4. Community Engagement Strategies: Gain insights into successful community engagement strategies employed by Self-Help Ghana, fostering behavioral change among farmers, distributors, and consumers to promote the cultivation and consumption of nutrient-dense crops.

Application in Audience's Work:

  • Agricultural Practitioners: Implement effective cultivation techniques, enhancing crop yield and resilience in various environmental conditions.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Understand the role of nutrition in addressing health issues, especially vitamin A deficiency, and explore ways to collaborate with agriculture initiatives for community health improvement.
  • Researchers and Educators: Use the presented innovative pest management strategies as a basis for further research, enriching teaching materials with practical solutions for real-world agricultural challenges.
  • Designers of Intervention Programs: Utilize the community engagement strategies demonstrated by Self-Help Ghana to design and implement successful initiatives that bridge agriculture, nutrition, and health for sustainable impact.
  • Policy Makers: Consider the presented findings in shaping policies related to agriculture, nutrition, and public health, contributing to holistic approaches for community well-being.



Mr. Nana Amoako Acheampong studied Project Management at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology, Ghana. He currently works with the Self Help International in Ghana. He plays a key role in managing the receipt, capture, analysis, dissemination and storage of all routine data generated by Implementing Partners/Civil Society Organizations at the regional level. He received his Master’s Degree in 2021 at the same institution. He has presented more than 12 research abstracts in various  international conference.


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