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Agri 2024

Timothy Leonard Koehnen

Timothy Leonard Koehnen, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
Human Resources for Economic Productivity for Agricultural and Rural Development, Portugal
Title : Human resources for economic productivity for agricultural and rural development


The paper will discuss data related to human resource development to encourage agricultural and rural economic productivity. The data will consider the preparation of young farmers and new entry farmers, rural development workers and agricultural and forestry agents. The paper will discuss as well the horizontal interventions as well as vertical linkages. The human resources play a role in economic development and their intervention are supported at local, regional, and European institutions. The survey date was collected during various time periods and encompass multi-case studies. The paper will describe how these actors play a role in rural development.

The continued role of formal and non-formal educational activities is considered for agricultural economic development. These interventions have been described as essential for human resource development for less favoured regions. These case studies were carried out in a peripheral country in the European context. The case studies investigated in Portugal can be considered formative for other less developed regions


Timothy Leonard Koehnen

Human Resources for Economic Productivity for Agricultural and Rural Development,Portugal.

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