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Frederick Osei Frimpong Junior

Title : Effects of distilled, ozonized, and ionized water on Moringa Oleifera lam. microbial growth and seed sprout quality


A series of laboratory experiments were conducted to assess the impact of various water treatments, specifically distilled, ozonized, and ionized water, on the microbial growth and seed sprout quality of Moringa oleifera lam. The research took place in a greenhouse structure over a three-week period in 2021, considering environmental factors like temperature and humidity. The study used Moringa seeds from Atebubu, weighing approximately 0.3g each, river sand as the growth medium. The seeds were allowed to sprout for 21 days, during which various parameters, including agronomic characteristics, proximate composition, microbial load, humidity, and temperature, were observed. The results demonstrated noteworthy distinctions in the effects of ozonized and ionized water treatments on the ash and fiber content of Moringa seed sprouts. Ozonized water treatment increased ash content by the 21st day of sprouting, Ionized water treatment significantly increased both ash and fiber content, particularly on the 12th, 15th, 18th, and 21st days. Ionized water treatment exhibited potential for enhancing the nutritional quality of Moringa sprouts, which could be particularly advantageous for children entering puberty and older adults seeking hormone balance. The total aerobic plate count, a measure of microbial load, did not exhibit significant differences among the water treatment groups. Agronomic parameters, such as stem girth, plant height, and leaf count, were similarly unaffected by the various water treatments. The research suggests that ionized water treatment has the potential to improve the nutritional quality of Moringa seed sprouts.

 keywords: Moringa oleifera, sprout, ozone water, distilled water, colloidal silver, and pre-treatment.


Authors: Dr Newton Amaglo, Frederick Osei-Frimpong Junior

Corresponding Author : [email protected]

Telephone: +233244858258

 Frederick Osei-Frimpong Junior

Email : [email protected]

Telephone : +233208540000

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