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Agri 2024

S G V Rajeev

 S G V Rajeev, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
PES University, India
Title : Design optimization and fabrication of a mechanical fertilizer spreader


Agriculture refers to a broad range of activities linked to the production of crops and the raising of animals for human use. It serves as the cornerstone of human civilization and has been crucial to the advancement of societies all throughout history. Millions of people around the world depend on agriculture for their food, clothing, and other basic materials as well as for their livelihoods. The utilization of cutting-edge technologies, tools, and inputs is a part of modern agriculture practices to boost output and efficiency. These include fertilizers, irrigation systems, mechanization, genetically modified crops, and mechanized farming. The development of agriculture has made it possible to produce vast amounts of food and raw materials, which has helped economies around the world expand. However, agriculture also faces a few difficulties, including declining biodiversity, water scarcity, soil degradation, and climate change. To overcome these obstacles and ensure agriculture’s long-term production and profitability, creative and sustainable ways are needed. Agriculture continues to be essential to both human life and economic development. It supports millions of livelihoods globally while offering needed goods and services. Agriculture can continue to supply the rising need for food, Fiber, and other raw materials with new and sustainable practices while preserving natural resources for future generations. The following project helps to provide a simple and efficient way to spread fertilizer mechanically.


 S G V Rajeev
 PES University, India

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