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Agri 2024

What does “good” look like in UK & international horticulture?

John Giles, Speaker at Agri Conferences
Promar International, United Kingdom
Title : What does “good” look like in UK & international horticulture?


In his presentation, John will draw on his experience of working on consulting assignments in more than 60 countries around the world on horticultural projects. He will give examples of what has historically driven international fresh produce markets around the world, but as we enter into what appears to be a defining decade in the production and trade/consumption of fruits and vegetables what the “new” drivers for future change are.
These include the impact of climate change, the use of agri tech and the powerful combination of “policy push and commercial pull” factors to drive supply chains to a much more sustainable position in the market place. Not least as we are in a period of the “perfect storm” and which sees producers around the world subjected to a combination of pressures such as high input prices, labour issues, the need to demonstrate sustainability, issues around transport & logistics and the economic pressures at consumer level as we begin to emerge from the COVID pandemic.
He will also set out what “good” looks like for the international produce sector . This will refer to the role of Free Trade Agreements, the need for data, information and transparency, having a balanced customer portfolio, varietal developments, branding & marketing, the use of social media, education & training and international trade representation, but not least, how supply chains, going forward, must be developed in the wider context of sustainability.


John is a Divisional Director of Promar International – the agri food value chain consulting subsidiary of Genus plc. He graduated from the University College of Swansea in 1981 with a BSc Econ degree.John has now worked with Promar International extensively throughout the UK and in some 60 other countries on fresh and processed horticultural and other food marketing and related assignments.In the horticultural sector, he has worked on assignments connected to temperate, tropical and sub tropical crops and on projects in the fresh, dried, canned and juices sectors of the market(s).This includes work in the UK and rest of the EU, the US, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Chile, Peru, Brazil, China, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, throughout the Middle East, the Caribbean, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Russia, the Ukraine, Mexico and the Pacific Rim.
Typical assignments have included:
• market research and consulting
• value chain assessments
• export development
• sustainability issues
John is also the President of the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Food, Drink and Agriculture Group and a past Chair of the UK Institute of Agricultural Management.
John is a Visiting Lecturer at both the University of Reading, one of the top 10 agri food universities in the world and at the Royal Agricultural University of Cirencester.
Promar International Ltd. He is also the Chair of the Organising Committee of the City Food Lecture (held in London on an annual basis and organised by 7 City based livery companies involved in the agricultural and food sector). John has spoken and helped organise numerous agri food conferences, seminars and other events in the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Poland, Germany, Russia, Chile, SA, Australia, NZ, Mexico, the US and Canada.

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