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Agri 2024


Subhash, Speaker at Agri Conferences
Lovely Professional University, India
Title : Organic farming an effective master mind


Organic farming an efficient agricultural process that uses biologically processed fertilizer and controls the pest and disease which causes a drastic yield loss for most of the economical benefitting crops through the end products obtained from animal and plant waste. The main concern of opting for organic farming is to enhance or regenerate the lost soil nutritive compositions naturally by adding natural components like panchagavya, green leaves, biofertilizers etc., and to reduce the accumulation of chemical pesticides and also the synthetic fertilizers. There are 5 main types of green manuring and are as follows: compost, manures, green manuring, crop rotation & biofertilizers. Rather then adding other elements as a green manuring component these five component above mentioned acts as an effective soil enriching component. There are various types of composts which effectively enriches the soil nutritiity and productivity which have has a combination of food waste elements like fruits and vegetable scraps, crushed egg shells, paper tea bags without staples which consists of 0.5 % of N, 0.25 P2O5 and 0.5% K2O which is obtained naturally without adding a singe amount of synthetic or chemical fertilizers or bio fertilizers. The next major component is manures. In these manures which contains rich concentration of NITROGEN, PHOSPHROUS (P) & POTASSIUM (K) as well as micronutrients such as COPPER (Cu), MANGANESE (Mn) and ZINC (Zn). The major form of manures are present in the form of COMMON FARM YARD MANURES (FYM) which are obtained from the animals such as Cow, Horse, Pig, Chicken, Sheep and Rabbit

The next compound in the organic manure is GREEN MANURING. These cropping and grazing green manures include harvesting field beans, saving a hay crop, grazing red clover or making silage from a cereal/legume mixture. And these green manuring mixtures contains of about 2.83% of NITROGEN (N), 3.51 % PHOSPOROUS (P) and 2.76% POTASSIUM (K). The yield which we obtain by using this green manuring has rich content of foliage and nutritious value which can be consumed by various cattle animals and few by our humans. The next major component comes under organic farming practice is BIOFERTILIZERS which plays an vital role for formation of initial nodes during its germination phases. And it acts as the base material for roots and further shoot initiations also. There are various biofertilizers which has the highest germinations percentage (%).

The biofertilizers are classified into 3 types. i.e., BACTERIAL BIOFERTILIZERS- Rhizobium, Azospirillum, Azotobacter & Phospobacteria.



Lovely Professional University, India

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