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Fahimeh Helali Soltanahmadi

Fahimeh Helali Soltanahmadi, Speaker at Agri Conferences
Project HOPE, Ethiopia
Title : Effect of organic matter pre-treatment on germination and Seedlings growth indices on Marigold (Calendula officinalis L.) under drought stress


To investigate the effects of seed pretreatment on drought tolerance, an experimental Marigold (Calendula officinalis L) was tested in 2017-2018. A germination experiment was performed in the laboratory of Urmia University. The experiment was performed as a factorial experiment in a completely randomized design with three replications. The experimental treatments were dry levels of polyethylene glycol in four levels (control, -3, -6 and -9 bar) and treatments of Humic acid (72 mg / l), salicylic acid (2000 μmol) and ascorbic acid (200 ppm) and control were performed. The results of the germination experiment showed that with increasing drought levels caused by polyethylene glycol, germination indices were significantly reduced, so that the highest value obtained from the measured traits was observed in normal irrigation and in priming treatments, and the lowest amount of these traits was observed at the -9-bar drought level due to polyethylene glycol in the control treatment. The results of this study showed an increase in drought tolerance and improved Marigold germination under stress by applying seed priming with salicylic acid, which is recommended in sustainable and organic agriculture.

Keywords: Marigold, Organic matter, Seed pretreatment, Drought stress, Allometric coefficient.

What will audience learn from your presentation? 

  • Seed priming is a technology for quick and uniform seed germination, which leads to better seed establishment and performance. It is a simple and low-cost hydration technique in which seeds are partially hydrated to initiate metabolic activities before germination, without actual germination.
  • Increase the percentage of germination- Increasing the speed and uniformity of germination
  • Increased resistance to temperature stress- Increase the shelf life of seeds
  • Suitable for small seeds - Increase performance 


My name is Fahima Helali. She started her studies with a bachelor's degree in agriculture at Urmia State University and a master's degree in the field of cereal seeds under drought stress conditions at Tabriz University and a doctorate in the field of perennial medicinal plant seeds under conditions I completed drought stress and seed priming under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Reza Amirian at Shahrood University of Technology and now I am doing research as the director of the research department of Urmia Municipality. I have 9 published research papers and 20 conference papers and 5 active research projects.

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