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Agri 2024

Noor Asfia

Noor Asfia, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
Intellectual Property Experts Consultancy (IPEC), Pakistan
Title : Organic farming practices in Pakistan catalyzing agricultural geographical indications for sustainable development


Pakistan's agricultural landscape holds immense potential, marked by its diverse geographical regions and rich biodiversity. However, the realization of this potential faces multifaceted challenges, particularly in the context of advancing agricultural geographical indications (GIs) through organic farming practices. While the global demand for organic products and the protection of GIs have been gaining momentum, Pakistan encounters distinctive hurdles that set it apart from leading economies in GI protection and registration.

This research article delves into Pakistan's agricultural framework, emphasizing the significance of organic farming in bolstering the nation's agricultural geographical indications for sustainable development. It examines the intricate relationship between organic practices and the potential for elevating the status of Pakistani agricultural products on the international stage through GI protection. Despite Pakistan's agricultural richness, challenges such as inadequate infrastructure, limited awareness and implementation of organic farming methods, and regulatory complexities pose significant barriers to harnessing the full potential of GIs. These obstacles not only hinder the recognition of Pakistan's unique agricultural products but also impede their competitiveness in comparison to economies where GI protection mechanisms are more established.

By critically evaluating the hurdles specific to Pakistan's agricultural sector in the context of GI protection and organic farming, this research aims to underscore the urgent need for policy reforms, technological interventions, and capacity-building initiatives. Addressing these challenges could unlock the true potential of Pakistan's agricultural GIs, fostering sustainable development, enhancing market access, and amplifying economic opportunities for farmers and stakeholders.

This article advocates for a comprehensive approach that integrates organic farming practices with strategies for GI protection and promotion in Pakistan. It emphasizes the imperative of collaborative efforts among policymakers, agricultural experts, and stakeholders to create an enabling environment conducive to the growth of organic farming, thereby leveraging agricultural GIs as catalysts for sustainable development in Pakistan's agriculture sector


Noor Asfia

CEO, Intellectual Property Experts Consultancy (IPEC), Islamabad. Pakistan

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