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Nwafor James Okechukwu

Nwafor James Okechukwu, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
NRCRI National Root crops Research Institute Umudike, Nigeria
Title : Anti-nutritional composition of (Tacca Leontopetaloide) root tuber for nutritional component


The freshly harvested wild Polynesian arrowroot, Tacca leontopetaloides tubers used for the experiment of proximate composition, mineral content and antinutritional composition were obtained. The proximate composition analysis of T. leontopetaloide table 1, revealed the presence of moisture content 7.87%, crude protein 4.50%, crude fiber 1.83%, crude fat 0.40%, ash 1.51%, CHO 83.80 and EV 356.80%.The element analysis of T. leontopetaloides table 2, indicate the presence of some trace element include sodium 36.25mg/100g, potassium 1.02mg/100g, calcium 2.04mg/100g, zinc 2.02mg/100g, phosphorus 37.70mg/100g, iron 1.14mg/100g, magnesium 1.86mg/100g.The result of antinutritional composition of T. leontopetaloide table 3, also revealed the presence of cyanide 0.11mg/100g, saponin 6.33%, flavonoid 2.15%, tannin 1.41mg/100g, and oxalate 5.8mg/100g. Anti-nutritional factors are present in most foods of plant origin and are responsible for the harmful effects which are related to absorption of nutrients that interfere with the normal functioning of certain organs. T. leontopetaloides when eating raw is poisonous and lethal but processing it by soaking in water enhances availability of the micronutrient and aids in the reduction of concentration of the anti-nutritional factors. The anti-nutritional factors and their breakdown products possess beneficial health effects if present in minute amounts. This study has shown that T. leontopetaloides when processed properly has the potential of a good food source to man as it contains calcium, iron, potassium and other micronutrients needed for the proper functioning of human body.

Key words: Arrowroot, Leontopetaloides, Polynesian, Tacca


Nwafor James Okechukwu

NRCRI National Root crops Research Institute Umudike, Nigeria.

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