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Agri 2024

Derek Scuffell

Derek Scuffell, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
Knowmatics, United Kingdom
Title : Cost-effective IoT solutions for pest management: Tackling invasive species in smallholder agriculture


This presentation introduces a cost-effective IoT-based pest surveillance system, designed initially for smallholder farms in Tamil Nadu, India, to combat invasive species like the Fall Armyworm (FAW). Integrating affordable sensor technology, progressive web apps and knowledge graphs, this system delivers critical pest data to farmers, facilitating timely and effective responses. A key focus is on using the gathered wide-area surveillance data to develop comprehensive strategies against invasive species, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices. The approach, suitable for various agricultural and horticultural environments, demonstrates potential for global IoT application in improving crop yields and farming sustainability, especially for small-scale farmers.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Cost-effective IoT solutions for smallholder farmers.
  • Integrating technologies to create wide-area data for combating invasive species.
  • Adapting technology for diverse agricultural environments.


Derek Scuffell is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in crop protection, computational biology, and agritech. Graduating from University of York, UK, Derek has been instrumental in developing innovative smart solutions in agri-food. With a passion for leveraging technology for sustainable agricultural practices, Derek has led numerous projects focusing on IoT applications in farming, notably the FAW project in Tamil Nadu

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