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Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture

Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Factors Effecting Sustainability
  • Agroecosystem analysis

Agroecology is a study of ecological processes in relation to agricultural production systems.

Agroecology can be defined as the ecology of the agricultural systems. It is a farming approach that is stimulated by natural ecosystems. It combines local and scientific knowledge and applies ecological and social methods to agricultural systems, concentrating on the relations between plants, animals, humans, and the environment.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is agriculture in sustainable ways to meet present food and textile requirements of the society, without compromising the ability for current or future generations to meet their needs. There are various approaches to improve the sustainability of agriculture. It is necessary to develop flexible business process and farming practices, when developing agriculture within sustainable food systems.

Sustainable agriculture often incorporates a wide range of conventional and organic production practices.

Agri 2024 Speakers
Speaker at Agriculture and  Horticulture 2024 - Shashi Vemuri

Shashi Vemuri

Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, India
Speaker at Agriculture and  Horticulture 2024 - Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer

Vijayan Gurumurthy Iyer

Bihar Institute of Public Administration & Rural Development (BIPARD), India
Speaker at Agriculture and  Horticulture 2024 - Dachang Zhang

Dachang Zhang

Water & Eco Crisis Foundation, San Jose, United States
Speaker at Agriculture and  Horticulture 2024 - V P S Arora

V P S Arora

Venkateshwara Group of Institutions, India

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