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AGRI 2023

Mohamed hussein sanei

Mohamed hussein sanei, Speaker at Agriculture conference
Namik Kemal University, Turkey
Title : The effect of spraying different dosages of calcium nitrate and calcium chloride on fruits of tomato cultivars grown in perlite in a cold greenhouse on blossom end rot and fruit cracking


In this experiment, The Effect of Spraying Different Dosages of Calcium Nitrate and Calcium Chloride on Fruits of Tomato Cultivars Grown in Perlite in a Cold Greenhouse on Blossom End Rot and Fruit Craking was investigated. In the experiment, 3 calcium doses (W/V %0 Ca, % 0.0475 Ca, and %0.1425 Ca), 2 cultivars (Brandywine: Cordon cultivar, beefsteak fruit tomato, and Moneymaker: Medium-sized fruit, cordon cultivar) and 2 Calcium sources (Calcium nitrate (Ca(NO3)2) ) and Calcium chloride (CaCl2 )) were used. There were 12 combinations as factorial, and for each cultivar, the plot of land was included in the experiment as a control. Accordingly, 14 subjects were arranged in two blocks according to the randomized block design. As a result, According to the main effect of the variety, the Moneymaker variety gave more fruit in terms of fruit number. But Brandywine gave more yield (kg/plant) than Moneymaker. Fruit weight and fruit diameter were higher in Brandywine than in Moneymaker. According to the main effects of calcium dose and calcium source, %0.0475Ca and % 0.1425 Ca CaCl2 gave less BER and cracked fruits.
Keywords: Calcium Dose, Calcium Source, Hydroponic Culture,


Mohamed hussein sanei
Affiliation: Namik Kemal University 
Country: Turkey

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