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AGRI 2023

Gayathri S

Gayathri S, Speaker at Agriculture conference
Paavai Engineering College, India
Title : Multilayer organic napkins


In India, there are various types of non-biodegradable wastes that are affecting our environment. They are including e-waste, plastic waste, glasses, medical waste,etc. Sanitary napkins are one of them,It is a technical textile product that are used by women during menstruation to collect menstrual fluids hygienically. Currently available napkins are made up of synthetic, Non-biodegradable materials and chemicals like phthalate which are common in the plastic products,So these napkins take more than 100 years to decompose. Women using this kind of napkins face skin irritation, itches, rashes and complicated diseases like cervical cancer. So we are going to produce a biodegradable, non-toxic herbal sanitary napkin with the plant parts like kenaf stem fiber, banana Pseudostem fiber, bamboo fiber and bioplastic which is made up of tapioca. Multilayer organic napkin takes very less time to decompose and it have good aeration, user friendly, feel comfortable, low cost and it does not cause any health issues.
Keywords: kenaf stem, Banana Pseudostem, bamboo, tapioca,bioplastic


Gayathri S
Affiliation: Paavai Engineering College
Country: India

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