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AGRI 2023

Jimson S Ramirez

Jimson S Ramirez, Speaker at Agriculture conference
Campus Research Department, Philippines
Title : In-vivo mass propagation of banana: An alternative low-cost technology for smallholder farmers in Cagayan valley, Philippines


The main production constraint for bananas is the availability of disease-free and healthy planting materials. Tissue culture is a technique that could provide these materials, but it is expensive and requires specialized knowledge. In-vivo mass propagation of bananas, or macropropagation technique, offers simpler and more affordable processes that could enhance seedling production. This study evaluated the effects of irrigation levels and growth enhancers on the macropropagation of banana under glasshouse conditions. The implemented experimental design was factorial in a completely randomized design, where Factor A consisted of different water regimes (50%, 100%, 150% recommended rate) combined with different growth enhancers (coconut water, seaweed extracts, BAP or Benzyl Amino Purine) as Factor B. Results clearly suggest the advantage of using plant growth enhancers and suitable levels of water for the macropropagation of bananas. The water regime of 50% of the recommended rate plus the application of BAP as plant growth enhancers are recommended for obtaining maximum growth, more plantlets produced, and irrigation water efficiency in bananas. It could not only save water for plants but also accelerate the growth and production of bananas; therefore, it could be considered an alternative low-cost technology for banana production by smallhold farmers in the region.


Engr. Jimson S. Ramirez joined the Research Department of Isabela State University and continue working as the university research associate of the department. He received his MSc in Agricultural Science in 2022 and his MSc in Agricultural Engineering in 2020 at the Central Graduate School of Isabela State University. He is now a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science student at the same university. He is the author of 15 research articles published in national and international journals, 7 of them in both SCOPUS and WoS indexed journals.

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