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AGRI 2023

Emadeldin Ahmed Mahgoub

Emadeldin Ahmed Mahgoub, Speaker at Agriculture conference
Agricultural Research Corporation, Sudan
Title : Improving smallholder access to wholesale and auction markets for sesame at four states, Sudan


The current topic has analyzed the Sesame value chain particularly the case of, South, North, West Kordofan, and Sinnar states. Sesame is the major cash crop, which is mainly produced as an export crops. A long value chain characterizes this crop, which includes producers, village traders, collectors, brokers/wholesalers, oil millers, exporters, retailers and local consumers. Smallholders in the Sesame seeds value chain depend on intermediaries, due to the small quantities to be sold and lack of efficient market information system. Price discovery is not based on forces of demand, supply, and do not reflect current international market prices.
The major Sesame producing regions in Sudan are West of Sudan, Sinnar, and Gadarif states, which contribute more than 90% of total these three crops output. However, the production and marketing of Sesame at the four states are faced with various challenges that need to be addressed. These include low productivity and quality, poor market infrastructure, long and traditional marketing channels among others.
The main objective of this study is to evaluate the effects of the main economic factors on Sesame production, and marketing of North, South, West Kordofan, and Sinnar States. The study tested the positive hypothesis of socio-economic characteristics on producers and traders, high share of harvesting, crop physical losses and transportation costs.
For quantitative data from household interviews, the data was entered in the computer. Analysis generated frequencies and some measures of central tendency. Comparisons was be made by cross tabulations on background characteristics and other key variables of assessment.
Tables and charts were drawn in Excel and SPSS programs to display and present the results. Gender desegregated cross margins was established among producers and traders. This also included calculation of gross profit margins. A correlation analysis was conducted to establish factors that influence gross margins at producer level in the value chain.
The study recommend, Sesame production, and harvesting cost should be reduced through providing improved varieties; reducing marketing cost through introduction of sieving process in the production areas to reduce physical losses; improving infrastructure to reduce transportation cost of these crops. The study also recommend to develop and improving the application of market regulations to attain efficient market structure and performance; supplying of market credit to farmers and traders to avoid oligopoly practices, and ensuring of production of quality crops towards improving the access of smallholder farmers to formal markets, auction and wholesale markets.

Keywords: Value chain analysis, Sesame, actors


I have more than 20 years of experience working at the department of agricultural economics of the agricultural research corporation, (Sudan). I have participated in so many training courses and workshops, some of them abroad and the others in-country

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