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Iqtidar Hussain

Iqtidar Hussain, Speaker at Horticulture Conferences
Gomal University, Pakistan
Title : Impact of npk doses on sunflower hybrid fh-331 on a salt affected soil in agro-climatic condition of D.I.khan


Sunflower is the most vital oil seed crop in the world. Performance of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) is relatively good in warmer environment and is sensitive to lower temperature. Sunflower is grown in spring and autumn in Pakistan. The available sunflower hybrids in Pakistani market are of diverse nature and variability to greater extent due to change in climatic conditions. Plants require proper nutrition for growth, development and maturity. Fertilizers are the organic or inorganic materials which are added to the soil to supply certain nutrients essential to the growth of plants. In D.I.Khan soils are heavy clay, problematic with respect to soil reaction (pH) and high concentration of soluble salts in the surface and in ground water. A trail was launched to determine the yield and quality of hybrid sunflower FH-33 at Agronomic Research Area, Faculty of Agriculture, Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan during spring, 2018 on such salt affected soil. This experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD), with using four replications and ten treatments. The net plot size was kept as 3.6 m x 3 m (10.8 m2 ). (The treatments with different fertilizer levels were T?= 60:30:10 NPK kg ha-1, T? = 60:30:20 NPK kg ha -¹, T3 = 60:30:30 NPK kg ha-1, T4 = 120:60:30 NPK kg ha-1. T5= 120:60:40 NPK kg ha-1, T6= 120:60:50 NPK kg ha-1, T7,= 150:90:40 NPK kg ha-1 T8= 150:90:50 NPK kg ha-1, T9,= 150:90:60 NPK kg ha-1 and T10 (control) where no fertilizer were applied. All the growth, yield and quality parameters were taken by using standard methods and analysed statistically. All the growth and yield parameters including plant height, head diameter. Number of achenes per head, 1000-achene weight, leaf area index, biological yield, grain yield and harvest index increased with increased in fertilizer levels. However, oil contents were non- significantly affected by the application of different fertilizer combinations. The results clearly revealed that highest yield (2955.5 kg ha-1 ), biological yield (12857 kg ha-1 ), 1000-achene weight (64.9 g), head diameter (31.1 cm), plant height (157.7 cm) were obtained by applying highest dose 150:90:60 NPK kg ha-1. Nutrient combination of NPK (150:90:60 kg ha - ¹) was found to be better yielder as compared to the rest of the combinations tested. It is suggested that further studies should be carried to find out optimum nutrient management for achieving the economic yield of hybrid sun flower in the agro-climatic conditions of D. I. Khan


Dr. Iqtidar Hussain is serving Department of Agronomy as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture Gomal University since 2014. He succeeded in publishing 98 research articles in national as well as International repute research journal across the country and around the globe. He served Education Department, as Subject Specialist for 17 years from 1997 to march 2014.

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