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AGRI 2023

Naoual Raouj

Naoual Raouj, Speaker at Horticulture Conferences
Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II-Rabat, Morocco
Title : Effect of vegetated terraces on the climate data inside buildings


In the last years, the terrace's coverage in plants come about more and more spread. The topic of dissertation treats the comparison and improvement of some methods of terrace's vegetation to make it live and they participate in environment's improvement. A lot of plant's species can be used, but this topic chooses firstly the plantations which resist on terrace's conditions, secondly, that need a limited upkeep, finally, the granulation of terrace's mineral which don't need an upkeep. A vegetative terrace need some precautions of construction and plantation because not all plants can be suitable to this kind of support characterized by a small depth of his substrate. We must count with local climate, the thickness of substrate to place on terrace and his composition. To arrange a terrace, its recommended to use vivacious plants which can resist to temperature variation, and characterized by a speed growing. this can facilitate to cover quickly the terrace and to protect the building from extreme temperature, high in summer and cold in winter. We must make account of typical plants like depth of root, quantity and nature of waste which produce because some of them are not adapted to vegetal terraces and even can damage in term the isolation and tightness. In this topic, some test will be effected to compare the effects of different vegetal terraces about the variation of temperature and humidity inside the building according to seasons. For this, we present the techniques, methods used and experimental protocol. Also, we present the results of this experimentation.


Naoual Raouj: Student researcher at the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute (IAV)-Rabat, Morocco (2018- 2022), she works on the project entitled: "Effect of vegetated terraces on the climate inside buildings”. She trained and participated in the Grow Green Benicalap project and the MOHAWK MANSHESTER project at the Polytechnic University of Valencia UPV Valencia Spain (2021-2022). She holds a University Expert Diploma in Ship Repair from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canarias ULPGC in collaboration with the Spanish Maritime Institute in Spain (2021). She holds a diploma in Agronomic Engineering, specialty: Landscape Architecture, from the Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II -Rabat, Morocco (2007-2012).


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