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AGRI 2023

Ali Assalmi

Ali Assalmi, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
Independent Researcher and Agricultural Entrepreneur, Morocco
Title : Comparison of potato varieties under different water conditions


This study aimed to compare the yield of two varieties of potato seeds under different water conditions. In the first part of the study, we conducted a literature review to gather academic research published on the two varieties. Based on the literature review, we optimized the water conditions for one variety and tested the other variety under high salinity water conditions. Our findings indicate that the optimized water conditions resulted in a very good yield for one variety of potato seeds. However, under high salinity water conditions, the other variety produced a higher yield in water that was not used due to the high salinity. Overall, our results suggest that the yield of potato seeds can vary significantly based on the water conditions and variety.


Ali Assalmi, of Moroccan nationality, holds a degree in private law, and I am currently preparing another degree in public law. Along with my studies, I thought of investing in planting, I prepare the seeds best suited to each soil and severe climatic conditions. The process of seed preparation is based on research carried out by researchers from all over the world and I test them in order to aim at saving water and increasing production. I am waiting to acquire new ideas from researchers in the field of planting and water saving

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