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AGRI 2023

Abebe bezu

Abebe bezu, Speaker at Agriculture conference
Ethiopian institute of agricultural research, Ethiopia
Title : Analyzing impacts of climate variability and changes in Ethiopia


Climate change is a global problem of this century, but its impact is higher in low-income countries like Ethiopia. Subsequently, Ethiopia has been facing severe droughts at least twice per decade and several severe flood hazards. Studies confirm that the country’s annual temperature is increasing by about 0.37 °C. The climate change projection indicated an increase in temperature of 2.2°C and 3.3°C in 2050 and 2090, respectively. The drought between 1900 and 2010 killed over 400,000 people and exposed 54 million others to starvation. In 2004, 2005, 2008, 2016, and 2017, about 8, 6.3, 11.6, 18, and 8.5 million people, respectively, needed food aid. The heavy floods caused a loss of 1.5 billion tons of topsoil, valued at US$106 million. By 2050, climate change will reduce Ethiopia's GDP by 8–10%, and 2.4 million people will become food insecure.  

What will audience learn from your presentation?

  • The trends of climate change in Ethiopia
  • The potential impact of climate change
  • The possible adaptation and mitigation measures to be implemented  


 Mr. Abebe was born to his father, Mr. Bezu Bedada, and his mother, Mrs. Tirunesh Bekele, on May 29, 1985, in the Oromia region. He studied natural resource management and land resource management in his BSc and MSc degrees, respectively. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at Haramaya University, Ethiopia, under the program of climate smart agriculture and biodiversity conservation. Moreover, he has published more than twelve journal articles.

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