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AGRI 2023

Zhongsheng Guo

Zhongsheng Guo, Speaker at Agriculture conference
ISWC, Northwestern A & F University, yangling, CAS & MWR, China
Title : Agriculture high-quality production


As the population increases and the economy develops, there is an increasing demand for the quantity and variety of plant products and services in a country or a region. To meet the demands, people left the forest cradles and cultivate crops, applicate fertilizer and irrigate to produce more food, now, about 80% of the original vegetation has become farmland, plantation, and grass and crops land. Because the plant resources relationship changed from dynamic equilibrium to non-equilibrium, which easily led to soil degradation, vegetation degradation and crop failure or waste of resources. In order to solve the question and realize the sustainable utilization of resources and the high-quality production of plants, it is necessary to apply the theory of Resources Utilization Limit by Plants (PRULP) and the Vegetation Carrying Capacity (VCC) in the Key Period of Plant Resources Relationship Regulation (KPPRR) to adjust the plant resources relationship in the KPPRR and then regulate Vegetative growth and reproductive growth to obtain the maximum yield and benefit and realize Agriculture high-quality production.

Keywords: goods and services, vegetation ecosystem; plant resources relationship; resource use limit by plants; Vegetation Carrying Capacity; critical period of plant resources relationship regulation; Agriculture high-quality production


Zhongsheng Guo
Affiliation: ISWC, Northwestern A & F University, yangling, CAS & MWR
country: China

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