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AGRI 2023

Davie Mulia

Davie Mulia, Speaker at Agriculture conference
Dasfem Farms Ltd, Botswana
Title : Agri-business- survival and growth of agri-business in Botswana and Zambia


This study constructs the survival and growth of Agri-business in Zambia and Botswana,  countries  which are in Southern Africa. The study recommends strategies for survival and growth of Agri-businesses.  The research work is about challenges that Agri-business entrepreneurs face in their businesses and how such challenges can be resolved.
Agriculture is a pillar of development but there are many challenges faced by Agri-businesses ranging from lack of agriculture water to lack of knowledge on the use of new technology, problems brought about by climate change, increased demand on food by an increasing population with consumers changes in tastes and environmental degradation, among others.
Agri-business refers to a group of industries dealing with the production, processing and distribution of agricultural goods.  There are many stakeholders involved in Agri-businesses, including every household and every human being living today and even in future, a critical area of human existence.

Agri-businesses are involved in the following areas of business:

  1. Crop production
  2. Bio-fuel production
  3. Forestry management
  4. Farm equipment manufacturing and distribution

Survival or growth is one of the objectives of going into business but many businesses fail to achieve it.  In this paper I advise Agri-business entrepreneur to use tools such as SWOT and Business Plan to achieve survival or growth in their enterprises. The paper also encourages Information sharing and information management must to achieve creativity and innovation which can lead to survival or growth of the business.

The audience will learn:

  • Agri-business management, ie, how to use tools such as SWOT analysis and Business Plan for example, to achieve survival or growth of their agri-businesses
  • How food security in an economy can be achieved
  • Importance of plants for human survival

The audience will be able to use what they learn from this presentation in:

  • In carrying out research as citations can be done from this presentation, and encourage more research on the topic
  • Policy makers such as government officials can use it in making decisions
  • Agri-business owners can use it to managing their businesses by applying SWOT analysis and Business plan to achieve efficiency, cost effective and profitability

This research will help the audience in their job to:

  • Increase production and productivity
  • Increase food security
  • Increase efficiency and profitability in their businesses
  • Encourage more research on the topic

Other faculties can use it to expand their research and teaching:

  • By taking citations from it when researching
  • The issues it deals with are global and can benefit many people
  • Can serve as notes to students

This paper provides a practical solution to problems that can simplify and make a designer’s job more efficient. The following problems which impacts agri-businesses negatively are dealt with in this paper:

  • Soil erosion
  • water shortage
  •  Environmental degradation
  • climate change

The paper improves the accuracy of the design and provides new information to assist in a design problem:

  • data is carefully collected and analysis carried out before conclusion
  • both Primary and secondary research methods is used in this paper to achieve accuracy of information collected
  • latest publications and current issues is what is key in doing this research

Other benefits of this research paper are

  • hunger and malnutrition can be eliminated
  • risks such as high costs are eliminated
  • agri-business owners can experience high profit levels, leading to survival or growth of their businesses


Mr Mulia did a Diploma in Secondary Education at Kwame Nkrumah University, Zambia, specialized in Business Subjects [Accounting, Business Studies, Commerce and Economics}.He then pursued a BCOM {Hons} with a Regent Business School in South Africa. As an educator he has taught in a number of Schools in Zambia, Botswana and South Africa.Research is one of the most important keys to efficiency and development. At the moment, he is engaged with a farming family business, Dasfem Farms Ltd, a businessthat is based in Lusaka, Zambia and deals with poultry, crop and plant farming.

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