Agri 2022

Vegetable Fortification: A way to solving a problem of malnutrition

Gorasiya Chirag Amarishbhai

Gorasiya Chirag Amarishbhai, Speaker at Agriculture Congress 2022
Junagadh Agricultural University, India
Title : Vegetable Fortification: A way to solving a problem of malnutrition


India is a country where diversity is major aspect and also become a scope of creating variability or improvement here in case of vegetables that becomes necessary to doing research well in the vegetable sector as like the cereal grains. Vegetable is also now a day plays important involvement in human dietary factor or in Indian curries that’s play very vital role. India suffers from malnutrition from so many years but now days along with cereals also vegetable nutritional value improvement projects undertaken is become necessary one’s. Nutritional values particularly in case of vegetables is higher in protein and many of necessary vitamins so by enriching the values with use of genetical and molecular techniques, we made out proper healthy with extra supplemental nutritional vegetables. One direct method is improvement of varietal specification by adding specific gene within variety so that variety is becomes biofortified.

Concept of biofortification in vegetables is important as like in cereals also. But not more focus on this specific branch. ICAR and their many collaborative institutes develop varieties with high levels of vitamin A and others. How that plays and direct role in removing the starvation and increasing the health positivity within the people’s of country.

Recently, in one survey of global hunger index India stands at 101th rank across 116 countries in the world as in 2020 that rank is 94th. By increasing the year and population, malnutrition increasing so focus on varietal improvement by means of their content and chemical as well as nutritional values.

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