Agri 2022

The Future is Organic

Desmond Karikari Osei

Desmond Karikari Osei, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences 2022
Determination 360 LTD, Ghana
Title : The Future is Organic


This product is organic fertilizer approved by Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana. AF organic liquid fertilizer is made from fish protein, blood meal, nitrogenous organic matter and other natural nutrients with 9% calcium. The fertilizer has a pH of 6-7. It is formulated with capsaicin and other organic substances for the effectual control of cocoa mirids and other insects. It’s unique formula also aids plant nourishment for a variety of crops. It is evidently clear that AF CONFIDENCE Insecticide has really helped Ghanaian farmers in so many ways and has even gained international recognition. Undoubtedly, the potency of AF CONFIDENCE Insecticide remains static and powerful as it has always been. A lot of farmers have given testimonies on how AF CONFIDENCE Insecticide has boosted their Cocoa production. The product is very effective in the killing of Mirids, stem borers cannot get near to a crop where there is a presence of AF CONFIDENCE Insecticide. Spirogyra has no room to operate in the presence of this accepted products. As a matter of fact, this product has no competitor in the control of black pod diseases, maintaining flowers and producing more fruit and quality beans are a bonus to farmers who use this product.
USAGE: Dilute 200 to 300ml into 1.5 litres (KNAPSACK SPRAYER) of clean water depending on the soil condition. Stir vigorously and spray enough below the trunk to penetrate the roots especially on tree crops. The solution can be sprayed on leaves and on stems of crops especially cereals, tubers, ornamentals, fruits and on vegetable plants.


Desmond Karikari Osei studied Business Studies at IPS Now UPSA University of Professional Studies and graduated as a business person in the year 2010. I joined New Okaff Industries 2018 as a Research Supervisor and now a Regional Manager in the industry. I found Determination 360 LTD 2021 to partner with New Okaff Industries to trade worldwide. I have over 800 - 1000 consumers in Cote d’ivoire and Burkina Faso.

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