Agri 2022

The Current Status and Future Scope of Algae in Food, Medicine and in Sustainable Agriculture under climate change scenario

Iqtidar Hussain

Iqtidar Hussain, Speaker at Agricultural Conferences 2022
Gomal University, Pakistan
Title : The Current Status and Future Scope of Algae in Food, Medicine and in Sustainable Agriculture under climate change scenario


Algae are members of phytoplankton belong to Thalophyta and aquatic in nature. Their role in ecosystem remained hidden. Now in new research era, Researchers found a significant role of Algae as a food, medicine and in agriculture. Red algae (Spirulina) have many vitamins, antioxidants, anticancer and mineral for human and animals. In Japan and other countries, many dishes are prepared from algae. A lot of potential is present in algae for future medicine. Algae fix the biological nitrogen fixation in soil. Use of synthetic fertilizers is inevitable in agriculture as a result to fulfill the demand of a country for their growing population. So, the priority to supply food in an eco-friendly manner we will have to lessen the impact of synthetic fertilizers in the agriculture. Use of bio-fertilizer through algae can be effective for farmers in this situation to increase productivity. Bio-fertilizers enhance plant growth and development by adding nutrients through natural biological processes.It has been claimed that extracts of Kappaphycus alvarezii and Gracilaria edulis (Algae) can improve nutrient absorption and utilization in the crops. Diatomaceous earth is dust composed of unicellular algae fossilized bodies used as insecticides, fungicide, plant growth regulator and protectant. This diatomaceous earth is also used in cosmetics. Bio-diesel is also produced from algae in different parts of globe. In this context, the aim of this review is to bring awareness about the potential of algae and its beneficial impacts.


Dr. Iqtidar Hussain is serving Department of Agronomy as Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture Gomal University since 2014. He did PhD in 37 years from Gomal University in Agronomy (plant sciences). He has substantially improved his capacity building through meaningful participation as key note speaker/ resource person/ focal person/ organizer in various training sessions, seminar, conference and workshops at national and internal levels. He got distinction to become members of Member of Soil Science Society of Pakistan, Weed Science Society of Pakistan, Pakistan Botany Society and Pakistan Allelopathty Society. He succeeded in publishing 96 research articles in national as well as International repute research journal across the country and around the globe. He served Education Department as Teacher and Subject Specialist for 17 years and Gomal University as Assistant Professor for 8 years. 

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