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Agri 2022

Screening of different wheat (Triticum aestivum) varieties under soil-less fodder production system as a climate smart strategy

Muhammad Amjid

Muhammad Amjid, Speaker at Agriculture Conference
University of Agriculture, Pakistan
Title : Screening of different wheat (Triticum aestivum) varieties under soil-less fodder production system as a climate smart strategy


Growing fodder crops for feeding the livestock and cattle is tedious under prevailing climate change arena. Under field conditions, assurance of availably of fodder becomes highly challenging one. Growing fodder under controlled conditions is also getting popular due to increasing occupancy of land for domestic and industrial uses as well as due to inheritance. Therefore, the present study was executed to check the nutrition quality of different wheat germplasm with respect to green fodder yield, seedling length, crude protein %, crude fiber, ether extract, moisture content and dry matter. The experiment was laid out under completely randomized design (CRD) by employing three replication at Undergraduate lab, department of Agronomy, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad during October 2021. The maximum and minimum temperature was 31?C and 21?C and relative humidity was 34%. Twelve wheat varieties were sown (FSD-2008, Ujala-2016, Lasani-2008, Seher-2006, Akbar-2019, Anaj-2017, Rustam-2001, Roshan, Gkaxay-13, NIAB-11, Pak-13 and Markaz). The maximum shoot (18.27cm) and root length (5.41cm) was taken in Akbar-19 that are statically at parity with Faisalabad-2008 wheat variety. The maximum crude protein (13.04%), ash content (9%) and maxium moisture content (96.16%) was measured in Akbar-19 variety. It was concluded that Akbar-19 variety is highly rich nutritious variety for fodder under soil-less fodder production system as a climate prof strategy.


I am Muhammad Amjid and currently doing PhD in Agronomy from Agriculture University Faisalaabd. I am working on climate proof technology for the food security of mankind. In urban and peri-urban areas the availability of good quality food is a  question mark and I am working on the solution of this problem which is called “soilless fodder production system”

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