Agri 2022

Post harvest losses practices and management of fruits and vegetables in some regions of Cameroon

Isabelle Sandrine Bouelet Ntsama

Isabelle Sandrine Bouelet Ntsama, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
University of Douala, Cameroon
Title : Post harvest losses practices and management of fruits and vegetables in some regions of Cameroon


The post-harvest quality of perishable produce changes rapidly due to the accelerated rate of respiration, transpiration and ripening. The objective of this study was to evaluate horticultural practices in two regions of Cameroon and to determine the effect of some edible coatings on the shelf life extension of eggplant, tomato and papaw fruits. Five composite coating formulations were evaluated, a NaCl 1%  based formulation, an ash powder formulation, a groundnut oil’s formulation, a neem oil’s based formulation (with 1% neem oil’s and 2.5% glycerol), and a chitosan based formulation (with 1.5% chitosan and 2.5% glycerol). Whole fruits (eggplant, tomatoes and pawpaw) were coated with one of the composite coatings and air dried at room temperature for a period of 2 hours, transferred to preformed containers and stored at room temperatures (25°C) along with a control. Several physico-chemical parameters of fruits - shelf life duration, weight loss, titratable acidity and pH were evaluated during selected time intervals (five days). The control had a shelf life of 6, 8 and 6days,for tomato, eggplant and papaw fruits, respectively, whereas neem oil’s coated samples had a respective shelf a life of 17, 20, and 16  days, for tomato, eggplant and papaw fruits respectively. Overall, groundnut oil’s, neem oil’s and chitosan coated fruits had the best results in terms of shelf life, all being better than control.


Dr Isabelle Sandrine BOUELET NTSAMA studied biochemistry at the University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon. Since 2011, she is lecturer at the University of Douala where she teaches food safety, food processing. She graduated as MS in 2014 in Food processing and biotechnology at the University of Lorraine, France and as PhD in 2020 at the University of Yaoundé 1. Her research explores the quality of agricultural product with regards to practices, assessment of agricultural and farming practices, plant-based traditional knowledge and applicability in the field of nutrition, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. She has published more than 16 research articles.

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