Agri 2022

Optimal irrigation in the Mitidja plain in Algeria

Gherbi Khadidja

Gherbi Khadidja , Speaker at Agriculture Congress 2022
ENSH Blida, Algeria
Title : Optimal irrigation in the Mitidja plain in Algeria


In the Mediterranean Region, water resources are limited and very unevenly distributed in space and time. In this study, a wireless solar-powered water resource management tool was developed for the Mitidja plain in northern Algeria. This device helps farmers to irrigate in the most optimized way possible, and to contribute to optimizing the use of water resources in the region. It is therefore an aid tool that can modernize and replace certain traditional techniques, according to the actual water needs of crops based on soil and climate conditions.  These data are collected in real time, by sensors, analyzed by an algorithm and displayed on a mobile application. The results are essential information and alerts accompanied by recommendations for action to farmers to ensure the sustainability of the agricultural sector in conditions of water shortage.

In a first part: We want to set up a wireless sensor network, connected via the acquisition card and an Arduino uno. allows the collection of data received then transmitted by a GSM module a database for further study.

In a second part: We want to display the results on a website or a mobile application using the database to remotely manage our smart irrigation system.

The farmer can therefore use this technology and which offers him the possibility of remote access via wireless communication to monitor field conditions and the remote irrigation operation. The use of such a tool can reduce irrigation volumes up to 40%, which represents more than 100 million m3 of savings per year for the Mitidja. This volume is equivalent to a medium-sized dam.

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