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Agri 2022

Effect of processing on pesticide residues In food crops

Shashi Vemuri

Shashi Vemuri, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences 2022
University Head of Entomology at PJTSAU, India
Title : Effect of processing on pesticide residues In food crops


The use of pesticides is inevitable to control the pests in different crops, fruits and vegetable plants. It is increasing day by day in India . The persistent use of pesticides leaves behind toxic residues on food crops. These pesticides upon ingestion exert adverse effects on human health, in addition to disturbing ecosystem. The organochlorine, organophosphorus, carbamates and pyrethroid pesticides have been detected in samples of fruits and vegetables collected from various locations of the world especially in India. Most of the samples contained toxic residues exceeding maximum residues limits. Experiments have been carried out to determine the reduction in pesticide residues due to various processing techniques like washing, peeling, frying,

freezing and cooking of fruits and vegetables. Likewise treatment of food crops with acidic or alkaline solution also minimized the pesticide residues.  injurious effects of pesticides and their degradation by processing and chemical treatment., it is suggested that different processing operations can be effectively applied on fruits and vegetables to minimize the risk of pesticides on human health.


Prof.Shashi vemuri had Ph.D  in agricultural Entomology  with specialization  in Insect Toxicology and Pesticide Residues, was   Formerly Senior Professor/ and university head of entomology at PJTSAU with more than 38 years experience in different capacities as Professor/ Researcher and Extension scientist, Administrator, Head of the Research Centres and Extension centres  He participated in various international and National conferences, workshops and has excellent links with many ICAR and State Universities, Universities abroad  and  leading MNCs. He is a globally travelled  Agricultural professional and has strong professional relationships with policy makers, Administrators,  farmers organizations and Agribusiness  sector with a thorough understanding of the complex socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental aspects of Agriculture in India and other major agrarian economies across the world.. He was a Guide, advisor, mentor for many budding agricultural scientists His contribution to crop protection, pesticide residues, insect toxicology and innovative methods of farming are widely recognized. He has worked for and with  CIMMYT, Mexico  on breeding for Insect Resistance. Worked with ICAR, SAU, WWF International ICRISAT, Major farmers organizations and federations  as a Collaborator, contributor and Researcher and with  the farmers on innovative technologies in sugarcane, Potato, Ginger and Turmeric.

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