Agri 2022

Agrobacterium rhizogenes as molecular tool for rhizosphere modelling and engineering

Manali Singh

Manali Singh, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences 2022
Invertis University, India
Title : Agrobacterium rhizogenes as molecular tool for rhizosphere modelling and engineering


India is the richest country in the world having the large variety of plants with related to genetic resource of medicinal plant. To introduce in the new imported plant varieties, the presence of climatic conditions is required. The dominant metabolites are spread among the tissues of medicinal plants in different concentrations. Biosynthesis of bioactive metabolite plays a crucial role with consideration to the location and environmental factors. So, the agro-climatic conditions are conductive for introducing and domesticating new imported plant varieties with their enhanced and consistent contents. Thus keeping in mind the pharmacological significance of the bioactive ingredients, the present chapter focuses on the hairy root production employed for their enhanced production by implementation of rhizosphere modeling through Agrobacterium rhizogenes. A soil bacterium, of stain gram negative A. rhizogenes causes hairy root disease in some dicotyledonous plants.  A. rhizogenes mediated transformation helps in better comprehension of the system of host and plant association in the rhizosphere and can be likewise utilized for the usage, transformation and formation of new upgrade transgenic crops hairy root culture, helpful for enhanced growth and continuous production of pharmacologically bioactive ingredients of elite germplasm.

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