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AGRI 2022

Subhas Chandra Dattaa

Subhas Chandra Dattaa, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
Department of Zoology, VisvaBharati University, India
Title : A mobile app geospatial ecosystem technology of ginger biomedicines physiology prevent future pandemic: improved agriculture horticulture biodiversity wildlife conservation environment


In 2019, the first-pandemic-outbreaks in China, COVID-19, caused by SARS-CoV-2 /-3, has quickly spread worldwide, badly affecting our lives, physical activity, sedentary behavior, food habits, human civilization, etc., with post-COVID-chronic-diseases, and the recent-pandemic-wave also starts from China-again and may cause a high-transmission-rate with pathogenicity-of-mutant-coronavirus that have made COVID-19 a serious-public-health-hazards-globally, weakening the ability of COVID-19-vaccines to prevent-SARS-CoV-2-infection-or-reinfection. To conquer this situation, the use of ‘Geospatial-Ecosystem-Technology of Ginger-Biomedicines-Physiology’ is used to solve all. The Barddhaman is enriched with the typical ‘Geospatial Ecosystem’ due to being situated beside the Damodar river with an average of about 58%  agricultural population, and the rate of fresh-brown-ginger-best-quality @Rs.65/Kg with @1776 kg/hector rhizome of ginger, is produced, and the 31 ginger wholesalers are present here. The present paper confirms-or-reviews some-typical-Clinical-Case-Reports of COVID 19 patients-consumed-orally the ‘Ginger-Biomedicines’, prepared from the rhizome of ginger, Zingiber officinale Rosc., at-an-extremely-low-doses mixing @ 5-10drops /100-200ml moderately hot drinking water or tea (in pot), at-random one types of clinical-treatments-drinks @ 3-5times /day for 45-60 days orally in the different-COVID-19-infected areas of Kanchannagar, Burdwan-Municipality by using the powerful “Geospatial-Ecosystem-Technology of Ginger-Biomedicines-Physiology” that will enable us to make better and informed decisions related to biodiversity conservation, production, protected area and price management-tools for preventing the ‘Future-Pandemic’. The present study once again confirms the potentiality of ‘the biomedicines-Ginger-MT’ act as the ‘Preventive Natural Gifts’ against the ‘Omicron-Deltacron-Radhescron-Rupacron-Bodhicron….Futuracron-like-any-future-variants’, and ‘Other-Diseases’ also by increasing natural immunity. It will also review and confirm, “Only The Burdwan-Geospatial-Ecosystem-Technology of Ginger-Biomedicines-Physiology Prevent Future-Pandemic Improving Agriculture-Horticulture-Forestry-Biodiversity-Wildlife-Conservation-Environment-Socioeconomy-Clinical-Treatment-Methods-Medical-Science-Global-Health-Geospatial-Information-Management-Technology-Communication-Geography-Socioeconomy Issues”. In near future from the basic-clinical-exploration-research, the combined-biomedicines of common Ginger-MT and black Ginger-MT, may consider the development of new-systems-methods-techniques, drug-design-discovery-specificity-formulation, optimizing-dosage-regimen, drug-delivery-systems-regulation, personalized-emergency-medicine, pharmacogenomics-pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics, analytical-sciences-nanotechnology, therapeutic-aspects, quality-control,  drug-evaluation of safety and toxicity of drug-molecules, regulatory-medical-science with computational-approaches that bring together a unique and international mix of experts, scientists, researchers, and students to exchange and share their experiences and research outcomes on all elements of natural science, and provide sharing and learning about the latest research on ‘Traditional Medicine’ and other relevant to ‘Medical-and-Health-Sciences, and it is warmly welcomed  to join the ‘2nd Edition Global Conference on Agriculture and Horticulture” during September 1-3, 2022 at Paris, France” to improve the insight on the latest-research in natural-agriculture-horticulture-science as well as save the-World, and it acts-as the most-cost-effective-easily-manufacture-able-easily-applicable-easily-available-and-side-effects-free-eco-friendly-medicines”. And the use of ‘Mobile-App-Geospatial-Ecosystem-Technology of Ginger-Biomedicines-Physiology’ enriches the geospatial platforms for better interpretations and future decision making for effective management, and it fulfills the various objectives; Enhance international collaboration among participants from Member States and relevant stakeholders;  Reflect the importance of geospatial information to support evidence-based policy- and decision-making; Address the development and strengthening of geospatial information management and capacities; Demonstrate the importance of international coordination and collaboration for enhancing human data and geography community; Enhance the role and relevance of geospatial information against the three pillars of sustainable development, for a shared future and a better world, in which all are able to be counted within an inclusive global society. And the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (GIM) of the United Nations uses Geospatial Technologies in the ‘Agriculture and Horticulture, and its various application domains, commercial geospatial sector, academia, and researchers practitioners from across the globe. And this year-2022 is an important year to host the event as a part of the celebration of 'Azadi-Ka-Amrit-Mahotsav' aptly the core theme of “Geo-enabling the Global Village on Agriculture and Horticulture”.


Dr. Subhas Chandra Datta is Headmaster & Researcher, Eco-Club Research Unit, Kanchannagar D.N.Das High School, Kanchannagar, Burdwan, West Bengal, India. He has 14 years teaching experience and has been publishing research for 18 years. He is an expert in the identification of diseases and the methodology of that research. Dr. Subhas Chandra Datta is also a member of numerous professional societies including the Society for Biological Chemists, the Zoological Society of Burdwan and Calcutta Univ., and the Social and Environmental Biological Association.

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