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AGRI 2021

Genotype and Management adaptation of crops to current and future climates

Karine Chenu, Speaker at Agri Conferences
The University of Queensland, Austria
Title : Genotype and Management adaptation of crops to current and future climates


With climate change, increase in CO2 concentration, temperature, evaporative demand and rainfall variability are projected to impact different crop processes and their interactions. Here, a modelling approach was used to characterise the type of abiotic stresses that wheat crops are currently and will experience in projected climate scenarios across the Australian wheatbelt. Genotype and management adaptations are first proposed in terms of crop maturity type and sowing date to best tune crop development with environmental variability.

An integrated approach is also proposed to guide breeding and adapt wheat varieties. The approach combines insights from crop modelling, physiology, genetics, and breeding to characterize traits valuable for yield gain in the target population of environments, develop relevant high-throughput phenotyping platforms, and identify genetic controls and their value in production environments. This part of the presentation will use transpiration efficiency (biomass produced per unit of water used) as an example of a complex trait of interest to illustrate how the approach can guide modelling, phenotyping, and selection in a breeding programme.

By integrating insights from diverse disciplines, the proposed approach can increase the efficiency for improving yield gains in target populations of environments in current and future climates


Dr Karine Chenu is a senior ecophysiologist and crop modeller at the University of Queensland. She leads a group that works on crop modelling, plant design and breeding strategies in winter cereals. Karine’s research mainly concerns understanding trait physiology and genetics, developing gene-to-phenotype crop modelling and exploring novel combinations of genotypes, environments and management practices to assist productivity improvement in changing environments. Karine has published over 100 research publications, including some breakthrough papers on crop modelling, plant response to heat and drought, and genetics.

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