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AGRI 2021

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - Weicheng Wu
Keynote Presentation
Weicheng Wu, East China University of Technology, China

Natural disasters, typically, drought and flood, exert direct impact on crop growing performance and productivity. The objective of this research was to conduct such an impact analysis using meteorological, statistic and multi-resolution remote sensing data taking Jiangxi, China [....] » Read More

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - V P S Arora
Keynote Presentation
V P S Arora, Venkateshwara Group of Institutions, India

Global agriculture is experiencing phenomenal changes due to technological revolution, digital revolution, sprawling urbanization, accelerating growth in middle income groups, fast changing food habits and preferences, the market oscillations, and above all due to climate change [....] » Read More

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - Dachang Zhang
Keynote Presentation
Dachang Zhang, Water & Eco Crisis Foundation, United States

Extreme climate change with increasing frequency and magnitude has globally caused great damage and loss through extreme droughts, floods and other secondary disasters during the past years. The most affected are agriculture and ecology. Floods and secondary disasters such as soi [....] » Read More

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - Karine Chenu
Oral Presentation
Karine Chenu, The University of Queensland, Austria

With climate change, increase in CO2 concentration, temperature, evaporative demand and rainfall variability are projected to impact different crop processes and their interactions. Here, a modelling approach was used to characterise the type of abiotic stresses that wheat crops [....] » Read More

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - Laura Martins de Carvalho
Oral Presentation
Laura Martins de Carvalho, FGV-SP, Brazil

Urban Agriculture can enable possibilities to combat structural inequalities in contexts of social vulnerability, providing: income generation; improvements in the quality of life of urban farmers; expansion in the production and access of food suitable for human consumption; and [....] » Read More

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - Danilo Jose Fanelli Luchiari
Oral Presentation
Danilo Jose Fanelli Luchiari, Citrus Technical Assistance And Consulting Group, Brazil

Brazil is a country with a strong vocation for agriculture, owing to its abundance of the two main inputs needed to produce plant protein, namely sun and water. Tropical weather, high solar intensity and large extent of fertile soils are the ideal conditions for producing food at [....] » Read More

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - Ghulam Zakir Hassan
Oral Presentation
Ghulam Zakir Hassan, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Groundwater in Pakistan underpins the food-security and livelihood especially in rural areas in Punjab province of Pakistan by playing a vital role in irrigated agriculture. Groundwater provides a buffer against supply-based canal water supplies and drought conditions. It is also [....] » Read More

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - Masuda Akter
Oral Presentation
Masuda Akter, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Bangladesh

Despite enhance nitrous oxide (N2O) emission, alternate wetting and drying (AWD) irrigation reduces water input and CH4 emission over continuous flooded (CF) field with no significant yield reduction. Emission of these gases may further be impacted by broadcast prilled urea (PU) [....] » Read More

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - Sellamuthu Prabakaran
Oral Presentation
Sellamuthu Prabakaran, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali, Colombia

Sugarcane is one of the most important commercial crops and it is the most valuable crop as it is the basic raw material for the manufacture of sugar, ethanol and jaggery. Sugarcane cultivation was started in Indian Subcontinent which was exported to other countries. Colombia is [....] » Read More

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - Hua Bai
Poster Presentation
Hua Bai, Northwest Missouri State University, United States

The world population increase coupled with the depletion of natural resources are a dangerous combination that is threatening humanity and other life around the world.  At the current rate, crop production must be doubled by 2050 in order to meet population demand. High thro [....] » Read More

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - Christina Cox
Poster Presentation
Christina Cox, Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom

D. glomerata (Cocksfoot) has previously been highlighted for having elevated protein contents, in comparison to other forage grass species. The biorefining of such proteins is of interest within British agriculture, as both costs and CO2 emissions from soy imports used as a lives [....] » Read More

Speaker at Agriculture and Horticulture 2021 - Yolander Renea Youngblood
Poster Presentation
Yolander Renea Youngblood, Prairie View A&M University, United States

In this preliminary study we investigate the responses of Glyphosate-Susceptible and Glyphosate-Resistant Amaranthus palmeri to an organic 10% acetic acid herbicide solution. Traditional herbicides are glyphosate-based. Overuse of these herbicides has led to glyphosate resistance [....] » Read More

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