Agri 2021

Laura Martins de Carvalho

Laura Martins de Carvalho, Speaker at Agriculture Congress
Laura Martins de Carvalho
FGV-SP, Brazil


Laura Martins de Carvalho has a PhD. in Global Health and Sustainability (Faculty of Public Health – University of Sao Paulo, 2021); a Master of Science in Environment and Development (Trinity College Dublin, 2012); and a BA in Social Sciences (PUC-SP, 2007). Her research topics are on urban agriculture in socially vulnerable areas, popular entrepreneurship; urban agroecology; women empowerment through urban agriculture. She is experienced in conducting and coordinating research in disadvantaged urban communities of São Paulo, Brazil; Dublin, Ireland; Lisbon, Portugal; and in rural communities in Rwanda, Africa. She currently a research assistant at the Center for Public Administration and Government / FGV-SP and looking for potential collaborators.