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AGRI 2023

Rahila Christopher Wakawa

Rahila Christopher Wakawa, Speaker at Agriculture conference 2023
Rahila Christopher Wakawa
National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM), Nigeria


Rahila Christopher Wakawa

  • Doctorate Degree Professional with over 15 years of outstanding experience in lecturing in the fields of Agricultural Economics studies and research, Agribusiness, Banking and Finance, Agricultural Economics & Extension, and Science Policy & Innovation Studies.
  • Exhibits remarkable successes in Agricultural Economics and Extension Research Network, especially in Poverty Reduction/Livelihood indicators, Evidence-informed Policy-making, Evidence Use in Environmental Policymaking in Nigeria (EUEPiN), Technology Needs Assessment for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Science Policy and Innovation.
  • Capable of handling special duties and responsibilities in Technology Management, group, and individual research, publishing, organizing, and coordinating field work with a focus on group discussion. Possess exceptional employee engagement skills through excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills and effective communication of the goals (key performance indicators) to the team.
  • Combines exceptional technical strengths with perseverance, outstanding organizational skills, strong problem-solving capabilities, and a commitment to achieving strong business growth in line with strategic objectives.
  • Other outcomes include teamwork on data retrieval for databases and needed framework for a bigger picture in development plans, aspirations align with Africa’s mission and values and the world at large