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AGRI 2023

C Ravindran

C Ravindran, Speaker at Agricultue Conferences
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India
Title : Underutilized horticultural crops for nutritional security


The global horticultural industry has grown several-folds in the last 50 years. World fruit production is estimated at 676.9 million tonnes, while vegetable production has been estimated at 879.2 million tonnes. Global annual consumption of flowers is estimated in the range of 40 - 60 billion US $ with China and India amongst the highest producing countries. The horticulture industry is flourishing and opening up new prospects of R & D, skill and employment generation due to current awareness about the changing lifestyle, dietary habits, processing and exportation. The challenges of overcoming malnutrition to majority of the global population are yet to be fulfilled, hence horticulture has major role to play. Indian Horticulture sector has been the mainstay of Indian Agriculture with a contribution of about 30 per cent to the agricultural GDP from about 14 per cent area and 40 per cent of total export earnings in agriculture as a whole. Horticulture production increased 13-folds from 25 million metric tons during 1950-51 to 331 million metric tons during 2020-21 surpassing food grain production. Currently, with 18% area, this sector contributes to about 33% of the gross value-added in the agricultural GDP of the country. India ranks second in production of horticultural crops contributing to about 12% of world’s fruit and vegetable baskets. India has vast diversity of underutilized horticultural crops of economic importance and several of which are yet to be mainstreamed.

The present day’s agriculture is relying less than 100 plant species to provide food and nutrition to more than 90 percent of the population. There are more than 12,500 edible plant species in the world. Out of these, about 7,000 species have been used to a significant extent by humans at some point in time. A large number of horticulture edible species remain neglected. In the present situation, the horticcultural production must look for the sustainable use of the available diversity in the exotic and neglected under-utilized horticultural crops. The presentation will provide an opportunity to know the underutilized horticultural crops of India that will be used for researchers, teachers, extension workers, policy makers, traders and entrepreneurs to discuss various strategies to achieve nutritional security in India and world.


Dr. C.Ravindran, working as Associate Professor and Head, Horticultural Research Station, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Kodaikanal, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu, India. His contribution towards the FAO Hortivar data base, Global Horticulture Assessment, Global Consultations on Farmers’ Rights has been noteworthy. He has published more than 5 Books, 15 Research papers, 10 Book Chapters, 30 popular articles in several reputed National & International Journals. He is author/editor/co-editor of 5 journals, He is life member of several national scientific societies’ viz., HSI, SAH, SPH, ISAH, ISVS, HHDS, NESA, and International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), World Association for Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC) and Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological& Environmental Engineering Society (APCBEES). He has handled several research projects by different Funding Agencies across India. He awarded with various awards by prestigious institutions, Organization and societies across India (12 Nos)  and abroad (3 Nos).

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