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AGRI 2023

Xiujing Xing

Xiujing Xing, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
Provivi, Inc, United States
Title : Synthesis and application of insect Phermone for pest management


Provivi™ is an emerging agricultural biotech company employing insect pheromones as the basis for comprehensive pest management. Insect pheromones are chemicals that act as highly selective attractants for insects, enabling the management of harmful pests without harming advantageous insects. These substances provide non-lethal, species-specific insect control through disrupting mating cycles, leading to decreased pest populations and a significant reduction in crop destruction and losses while preserving beneficial insects. Herein, we present our inventive method for synthesizing pheromone active ingredients from sustainable plant oils through green chemistry. This approach significantly reduces waste while maintaining high selectivity.


Dr. Xiujing Xing graduated in 2020 as a PhD in chemistry from University of Pennvylvania, with focused research on synthesis of novel nickel-based organometallic complexes; After graduation, she spent one year at UC Davis working on catalytic trasnfer hydrogenation with aluminum complexes as postdoc scholar; She joined provivi on Dec 2021 as a senior scientist in R&D at Provivi, co-founded by Nobel Laureate Dr. Frances Arnold and cofounders Pedro Coelho and Peter Meinhold, focusing on the synthesis and application of phermone in pest management.

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