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AGRI 2023

Basavanagowda M G

Basavanagowda M G, Speaker at Agri Conferences
ICAR Taralabalu Krishi Vigyan Kendra, India
Title : Nutrigardens - A way forward to achive nutritional food security in rural areas


Food Security is one of the most concerned issue to overcome malnutrition in many parts of India. Further, malnutrition especially in rural womens is major concern as it leads to premature Births, Anemia and very low survival rate. In Developing countries like India Nutrigardens are the ways to achive the best nutrition and health among the individuals. The study was implemented with 25 farm families in rural area. Each family was provided with seed kit and organic inputs. Majority (92 %) of the farm family income ranges between 5 to 10 thousand whereas only few (8 %) had more than 10 thousand. After the nutrigarden intervention the per capita availability of fresh vegetables has been increased to 28.4 % and 100 % change in the practice of organic amendments. Whereas amount spent on purchase of vegetables from market was decreased by 18.52 %. There has been drastic changes in the socio, economic status of the family and cent percent achievement in establishing a pollution free ecosystem around them. Availability of vegetables per person for consumption increased from 60 g to 220 g and improvement in nutritional status was also observed as indicated by BMI.

Audience Take away Notes

  • Presentation of this paper will help the audience to acquire the knowledge on impact of malnutrition and how to combat the issue by using nutrigarden technology
  • It gives complete data on how to improve the quality of life with nutrition
  • This Research can be used by other professionals in improving agronomic practices, improving quality parameters, improve the ecosystem around the houses and also impact on socio economic status of the farmers
  • Nutrigarden provides a practical solution to improve malnutrition and balance the dietary chart of the individuals.


Mr.Basavanagowda M G did his Graduation and Post Graduation in Horticulture from University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru. Presently he is pursuing Phd from Visveswaraya Technological University. From 2006 to till date he is working as Scientist Horticulture at ICAR-Taralabalu Krishi Vigyan Kendra,Davanegere. He is Pioneer in transfer of technology in Horticulture field, Technology Assessment trials, and Frontline demonstrations. He published more than 25 scientific research articles in scientific journals and conferences and more than 150 articles in local languages about farmer’s technologies. He is very effective in social media running a YouTube channel.

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