Speaker for Agriculture Conferences- Marcus Randall
Marcus Randall
Bond University, Australia

Title: Long Term Implications of Climate Change on Crop Planning: Predictions and Planning Models

Speaker for Agriculture conferences 2020 - Weicheng Wu
Weicheng Wu
East China University of Technology, China

Title: Soil Salinity and Food Security 

Potential Speaker for Agri conferences 2020 - R.Raman
Annamalai University, India

Title: Climate smart Agriculture: Through integrated Agronomic practices for enhancing the productivity and ensuring Food security

Speaker for Agri conferences - J.K. Ladha
J.K. Ladha
University of California,USA

Title: To be Announced

Speaker for Natural Resources Conference - Sadasivam Sankaranarayanan
Sadasivam Sankaranarayanan
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,India

Title: To be Announced

Speaker for Agri conferences 2020 - Rohitashw Kumar
Rohitashw Kumar
College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology,India

Title: To be Announced 

Speaker for AGRI 2020 - Wenjiao Shi
Wenjiao Shi
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Title: Crop yield and production responses to climate disasters in China  

Speaker for Agriculture Conference - Danilo José Fanelli Luchiari
Danilo José Fanelli Luchiari
GTACC, Brazil

Title: Food Production x Irrigation x Natural Resources in Brazil: Successful case and Challenges for Environmental sustainability

Speaker for Agri conferences - Lolita N. Ragus
Lolita N. Ragus
COM,Federated States of Micronesia

Title: Crop Diversification Through Intercropping Cassava With Selected Vegetables For Food Security and Livelihood

Speaker for Natural Resources Conference - Esmat M.Hegazi
Esmat M.Hegazi
Alexandria University , Egypt

Title: Non-toxic  -naturally control methods for  Sustainable Control of main Pests in Olive Farms in Egypt

Speaker for Food&Agriculture conferences 2020 - Kever Bruno Paradelo Gomes
Kever Bruno Paradelo Gomes
Ciência and Tecnologia of Brasília , Brazil

Title: Diversity and Use of Agroforestry yards of family Farmers of Ponte Alta -Gama,FederalDistrict, Brazil

Renowned Speaker for Natural Resources Conference - Tshidzumba Ratsodo Phillip
Tshidzumba Ratsodo Phillip
Fort Cox Agriculture and Forestry Training Institute , South Africa

Title: Potential benefits of introducing trees and agroforestry practices in rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal

Leading Speaker for Agri conferences - Charanjit Singh Riar
Charanjit Singh Riar
Department of Food Engineering & Technology, Punjab

Title: Bioactive component profile and Nutraceutical potential of aromatic traditional rice cultivars

Potential Speaker for Natural Resources Conference - Nickolai Shadrin
Nickolai Shadrin
A.O. Kovalevsky Institute of Biology, Russia

Title: How do human political decisions change the opportunities for local sustainable development of aqua- and agriculture? The case of the Sivash Bay area

Leading Speaker for Natural Resources Conference - Elena Anufriieva
Elena Anufriieva
A.O. Kovalevsky Institute of Biology ,Russia

Title: Saline lake aquaculture as an element of water management in arid areas

Eminent speaker for Agri conferences 2020 - Weihong Lu
Weihong Lu
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Title: Research on the differential photosynethic protein and gene in the first generation of Oryza sativa

Potential Speaker for Agri conferences - Zolani Mkile
Zolani Mkile
Rhodes University and Dohne Agricultural Development Institute, South Africa

Title: The effects of mycorrhizas on concentration and uptake of K, Ca, Mg and Na by grasses and legumes grown on soil treated with different levels of phosphorus

Potential Speaker for Agriculture Conferences - Sushant Acharya
Sushant Acharya
Kathmandu University,Nepal

Title: Market Access Paradox for Himalayan Spice: Case of Large Cardamom from Nepal

Renowned Speaker for Agriculture conferences 2020 - Dominique Taeymans
Dr. Dominique Taeymans
FoodREG Consult, Switzerland

Title: On the need to further reinforce cooperation between Codex Alimentarius and ISO to impact national food legislation and cope with future challenges