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Vps Arora

Vps Arora, Speaker at Speaker for Agriculture Conference - Vps Arora
Vps Arora
Professor Emeritus, Sharda University, India


Dr. V P S Arora completed B. Sc. (Hons) Ag & A.H.; M.Sc. (Ag. Economics); and Ph D (Ag. Economics) from G B Pant University of Ag & Technology, Pantnagar, India. Having served Pantnagar University from 1976 to 2009 he joined Kumaun University Nainital as Vice Chancellor. He was the founder Dean of College of Agribusiness Management, Pantnagar, the first Agribusiness College in India. He has been consultant to OECD (France), APO (Japan), IRRI (Philippines), FAO (Roam) on Agricultural Policy / Agribusiness. He completed over a dozen research projects and published over one hundred research papers.