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AGRI 2023

Ogunsesin Ayorinde

Ogunsesin Ayorinde, Speaker at Agriculture conference
Ogunsesin Ayorinde
Ondo State Agricultural Development Project, Nigeria


Dr. Ogunsesin Ayorinde studied Soil Frtility/Organic Agric. at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and graduated as MSc in 2007. He then joined Agric-Input Supply Agency in Ondo State, Nigeria in 2010 before moving to Ondo State Agricultural Development Project in 2013 till date.  He is a Principal Agricultural Oficer in the Extension Department of the Agency. He had coordinated the Control of Fall Armyworm on maize infestation in Akure North under the auspices of FMARD, in Nigeria.   He received his PhD degree in 2016 at the same institution. He has published more than 9 research articles in journals.