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Agri 2022

Jarkko Leppala

Jarkko Leppala, Speaker at Agriculture Conferences 2022
Jarkko Leppala
Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Finland


Dr. Leppälä graduated as MS (Agr) from Helsinki University, Finland in 2000. After graduation he worked for educational planner in Helsinki University one year and then worked for Management Institute of Finland (MIF) couple years. He started to work as research scientist in 2004 for MTT Vakola engineering research and after that MTT Agrifood Finland business and economic research. When MTT Agrifood changed name as Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), he continued his research in Luke. He graduated from Aalto University in 2016 as Dr.SC. (tech.) from the field of Industrial Engineering and Management. His dissertation title was Systematic Risk Management on Farms. After this he worked for Scientific Representative in Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture (Sacurima) EU COST Action in 2017-2021. He was nominated as Senior Research Scientist in Luke in year 2021. He has worked for agriculture management, risk management and safety studies over 17 years and published 15 peer revied articles in this field. He is a former football player and after football have been playing drums in a hard rock band in Helsinki.

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