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AGRI 2022

Gideon Danso Abbeam

Gideon Danso Abbeam , Speaker at Agriculture Conferences
Gideon Danso Abbeam
University of the Free State, South Africa


Gideon Danso-Abbeam (PhD) is an agricultural economist with over nine years of professional experience in teaching, research, and community service for higher learning and development organizations. Gideon currently lecturers at the University for Development Studies, Ghana, and postdoctoral research fellow at the Disaster Management Training and Education Centre, University of the Free State, South Africa. His primary research interests are production economics, impact evaluation, food security analysis, and gender analysis. Gideon's research has mostly relied on farm-level household surveys and micro-econometric analysis with econometric tools like STATA and SPSS. He has published many articles in international journals.