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Shivangi Arvind

Potential Speaker for Agri conferences 2021 - Shivangi Arvind
Shivangi Arvind
AgEye Technologies, India
Title : Truly intelligent farming - Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence of things (aiot) for next generation indoor farms


Controlled Environment Agriculture has the potential to overcome various challenges associated with feeding an ever-increasing global population; however, with major concerns surrounding the high energy and labor costs borne by the indoor farming industry, the question continues to be raised about its sustainability. Existing commercial solutions that claim ‘smart’ controls continue to underperform and have yet to materialize any true energy or labor savings. To truly revamp the 10,000-year-old agriculture industry through novel indoor farming methods - growers will need to fully embrace the fourth industrial revolution of AIoT. My presentation will discuss what a truly Intelligent solution looks like, in the form of AIoT (the combination of AI with IoT) - and how it can help in reducing both labor and energy costs linked with indoor farm operations – thereby increasing the overall efficiency and profitability of the next generation of indoor farms.


Shivangi Arvind is an award-winning Young Scientist, who is currently working with AgEye Technologies as the Chief Science Officer, where she directs all research efforts in applying AI and IoT technologies to develop truly intelligent and autonomous solutions for indoor farms. She has been a dedicated steward of horticulture for the last eight years which she spent researching on various aspects of high-density plantation of guava including spacing, pruning intensity and leaf to fruit ratio in the Indian tropics and sub-tropics. Her other research interests include canopy management, crop malformation and impact of climate change on horticulture. She holds a Ph.D. in Horticulture (major) and Plant Physiology (minor) and has been a recipient of prestigious national fellowships throughout her academic career.

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