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Matvey Mikhailovich Orlov

Speaker for Agriculture and Horticulture Conference 2021 - Matvey Mikhailovich Orlov
Matvey Mikhailovich Orlov
Samara State Agrarian University Russia
Title : Portable veterinary ultrasound echoosteometer for assessing the physical characteristics of the bones of the skeleton of animals with their functional and pathological changes


The device allows you to diagnose up to 90% of internal pathologies of both agricultural and domestic animals in different physiological states (lactation, pregnancy, pathological conditions, during sexual hunting, as well as changes in the physiological state of the body in different feeding modes.). At the moment, there are no existing world analogues. The developed device has the ability to connect to a computer via Bluetooth, WIFI and USB cable for entering the report into the database. The device has a clear and simple interface. The device is mobile (weight no more than 1.5-2 kg). It is equipped with its own battery, which allows it to hold a charge for a certain amount of time (approximately 3-5 hours of continuous operation). The operation on the device is performed in 1-2 minutes. The device is equipped with a touch screen (the screen diagonal is 5.5-5.8 inches, and at a resolution of 1480 x 720 pixels, the pixel density is 173 dots per inch). The device is easy to use, which allows it to be used not only by a veterinary specialist, but also by people who do not have a special education, the veterinary specialist can track online (via software) measurements for the period of research. The developed device allows to increase productivity in clinical studies of pathologies by 80%, and to increase the percentage of accuracy of diagnosis. Also, the device reduces the economic costs of conducting medical measures by approximately 50-60%. The echoosteometer device allows you to: diagnose osteodystrophy; monitor the effectiveness of feeding, the state of health according to the seasons of the year, physiological changes in internal pathologies in animals; conduct dynamic tracking of all changes thanks to an automatically updated database and an Internet connection of the device with a computer.


Matvey Mikhailovich Orlov, born in 1997, is a post-graduate student (order No. 127-od of 11.08.2020) of the Samara State Agrarian University since 2020. Currently, he is studying for 1 year of training at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine in the direction 06.06.01 "Biological Sciences". Has 161 scientific publications; 4 patents; H-index-2


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