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Touhami Rzigui

Potential Speaker for Agriculture Conference 2021 - Touhami Rzigui
Touhami Rzigui
Silvopastoral institue of Tabarka, Tunisia
Title : Photosynthesis and drought in Plants


Water stress is problem of a grave concern for th growth and productivity of plants in modern times. Drought stress is responsible for huge crop losses globally. One of the physiological procesesses greatly affected by this stress in plants is photosynthesis. The decline in photosynthesis capacity of plants due to this stress is directly associated with reduction in yield. Therfore, detailed information on the plant responses and the adaptation methods employed by them to save their photosynthetic appartus could help in developing new crop plants with more robust photosynthetic machinery capable of higher yields even under stressed environments. Here, we review the effects of drought on the photosynthetic apparatus of plants, and the strategies to overcome the menace of this stress have been suggested.

Take Away Notes:
Plants living under natural conditions are exposed to many adverse factors that interfere with the photosynthetic process, leading to declines in growth, development, and yield. The recent development of combined gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence measurements represents a potentially valuable approach to study the photochemical efficiency of leaves. Specifically, the analysis of photosynthetic responses to environmental stresses provides detailed information on the practical applications of this innovative methodology.


Touhami Rzigui received her PhD degree in 2011 at the Paris 11 University. After two year postdoctoral fellowship at the National research Institute of rural engineeringWater and Forests (INRGREF, Tunisia) he obtained the position of an Assistant Professor at the Silvopastoral institute of Tabarka (University of Jendouba, Tunisia). He has published many research articles in appropriate journals.


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