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Shreya Panchal

Speaker for Agri conferences- Shreya Panchal
Shreya Panchal
United States international university, Kenya
Title : Online farmers’ advisory concept


People need information about their soil types and what soil types can provide the optimum fertility for certain crops as well as which fertilizer to use when. They can benefit greatly from the provision of various fertilizer suppliers that are in the market. They can get information at their fingertips about their crop growth and harvesting times so that they can put in more effort in their farm maintenance. There have been many developments in the field of agriculture with the use of technology. Some of them use websites and some of them mobile applications to conduct business or attain their functionality. Primary data collection methods included questionnaires and observations. Under secondary methods, Qualitative methods include newspapers, reports, historical and official documents whereas quantitative methods are international sources where the internet is the major source. The study will help farmers gain access to information for the betterment of their produce. It will also help farmers get in touch with sponsors to market their produce. The webapp, all in all, makes it easier for the common farmer to better their farming. It will drive the sdg pillar. Based on the results, this study concluded that online farmers’ advisory system is much better in helping farmers increase their experience. The findings show that most of the respondents prefer the use of the farmers’ advisory system because it offers many advantages and benefits that lead to its effectiveness and efficiency. Due to the increased confidence on users on the system I can conclude that farmers’ advisory system should be fully implemented in our rural areas in order to ease the whole process of searching for accurate information and marketers.


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